Z350 Wheel Spacers Detailed Guide

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Often being a love/hate mod, wheel spacers are occasionally the perfect remedy to your fitment concerns, and we're below to aid you in locating the finest items on the market for your Nissan 350z.

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When constructing your dream 350z, Fitment is one of the important aspects.

We always encourage ensuring your fresh new edges fit your Z flawlessly before buying. We understand that it's often much easier stated than done if a bargain occurs.

We frequently offer some fantastic budget plan referrals here at Drifted. However, wheel spacers are one part where we believe top quality is vital.

Do not worry - we'll still be exploring the less expensive high-grade products to provide products within a different price array.

We all like to save a couple of dollars, but when it involves an upgrade that holds your wheels to the auto, this is something you do not wish to break when traveling down the highway or press the automobile at the track.

Be our guest if you want to conserve some cash with a more affordable exhaust. Wheel spacers? No. Simply no.

Given that wheel spacers are a mechanical connection, we suggest you check them frequently after fitting, ensuring that they go to the correct torque and then remain 3,000 miles or so afterward.

Why would you require wheel spacers?

If you've copped on your own some brand-new edges, to realize they're not sitting fairly so flush in the fenders as you would certainly hope, then wheel spacers can give the ideal possibility to remedy your Fitment.

Flush Fitment isn't the only concern that can emerge with the incorrect offset wheels, and also they can often strike the brake caliper or coil overs.

Wheel spacers will certainly press the wheel additionally out and should offer an excellent remedy to correcting these issues.

Spacers can provide a slight update to guarantee that your Z still stands out from the crowd if you're on a tight budget and want to continue with the stock 350z or NISMO rims for the time being.

Yet, wheel spacers aren't simply there for aesthetic charm. They likewise provide your 350z with a much more significant track, which will inevitably give superior grip, managing, and grip advantages.

Offered the number of positives that wheel spacers can supply, they're commonly among the most effective bang-for-your-buck upgrades you can do to boost both your handling and fitment goals.

What size wheel spacers for 350z?

You must choose hub-centric spacers that are the best Fitment for your 350z while making your selection. That will be the Nissan 350z of the following:

Screw pattern (PCD): 5 x 114.3

Stud size: M12 x 1.25

Bore size: 66.1 mm (sometimes 66.2 mm, depending upon the maker).

While some 350z owners only wish to press their wheels out for the supreme Fitment, a smaller spacer such as a 10mm may suffice, whereas others may require a 1-inch and even 2-inch spacer.

For many years, we've seen some ludicrous spacers that are numerous inches, where proprietors have splashed all their money on a widebody set to realize they can not pay for some hot deep-dish rims to finish the appearance.

Don't be that individual.

If you feel the requirement to go beyond 25mm, the ceiling of the rational spacer area, we recommend questioning your rim selections and seeing if you can perhaps swap them out for something much more suitable.

The larger the spacer, the more pressure you'll be placed on your auto, which could imminently bring about a devastating failure. It merely isn't worth the risk.

Stock 350z wheels with spacers.

Some proprietors are eager to keep their stock edges yet wish to appreciate the benefits of the 'beefy' appearance and boosted managing advantages that spacers supply.

In this case, we encourage selecting between 15-25mm spacers, relying on just how far you desire them ahead bent on your fenders.

Fortunately, Nissan has made the 350z fit 25mm spacers overall without any scrubbing issues, as displayed in the picture above.

Lug-centric or hub-centric wheel spacers for 350z?

They can bring the weight of the car closer to the center by using a hub-centric spacer, which will put less stress on the bolts and additional parts.

When it comes to cheaper lug-centric spacers, most weight goes to the bolts instead, which, as you have most likely presumed, is much from suitable.

Since slip-on lug-centric spacers are inexpensive, you'll often find drifters installing them on their projectile drift cars and trucks. However, they'll likely come to regret the decision when their bolts fail when the car is pushed to the limit.

Do not low-cost out with slip-on spacers for any application over 10mm if you feel the demand to run spacers on your Z. Go hub-centric each time.

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Look at this guide to understand more about the 350Z lug pattern for supply or aftermarket wheel fitments.

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