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ATV Wheel Spacers

How about our ATV Wheel Spacers?

Our ATV Wheel Spacers are available for all the most popular brands and configurations, including 2 inch wheel spacers, Polaris wheel spacers, and 4x110 wheel spacers. These Wheel Spacers enable you to add wider, larger tires to improve stability and traction, providing extra control for experienced riders and reducing the risk of rollovers for younger or less experienced riders. Whether you’re looking for spacers to improve handling or to fit new mud, rock, or snow tires, you can find your exact part here.

Quality Assurance for KSP Wheel Spacers

The billet aluminum with a high strength Heat-treated metric class 10.9 steel-alloy wheel bolts are included in the spacers, which have 2.5 times the tensile strength of conventional aluminum. Plus, it's simple to set up. Simply bolt your hub to the wheel spacer, then your wheel to the spacer. There is no need to modify the car. Whether you want to install high-traction mud, rock, or snow tires or boost side rollover resistance, you'll appreciate the increased stability that our Spacers provide. Remember that all Wheel Spacers come with a one-year warranty and a 100% fitting guarantee.

ATV wheel spacers are becoming more popular as the need for more performance and larger tires grows. Riders can get the performance and stability they want from their machines by using wheel spacers. They are inserted between the existing hub and the wheel in order to increase the wheel's mounting point. Spacers come in a variety of thicknesses, ranging from an inch to four inches.
One of the most significant advantages of ATV wheel spacers is that they improve your machine's stability. By expanding the stance, you are effectively reducing the machine's center of gravity. As a result, the machine is less top-heavy. You'll find that your bike feels less tippy while side-hilling and stays more planted in bends.
The second major benefit of installing wheel spacers is that they allow you to use larger tires. The use of spacers provides the necessary clearance for larger tires. The larger tires could rub against the shocks, struts, then exhaust without them. It's also a good idea to increase clearance if you want to use snow chains.
Finally, adding wheel spacers and broadening the stance of your vehicle might help you get out of ruts. Ruts can emerge when all the other machines are the same width, and you have no choice but to ride through them. You'll be able to avoid many of the ruts if your machine is broader than everyone else's. Staying out of the ruts reduces your chances of bottoming out and gives you a smoother, more controlled ride.