Lug Nuts

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What are lug nuts, or lug bolts? In short, lug nuts are the hardware used to secure your wheel and tire assembly to your vehicle. Having the correct lug nut ensures that your wheel is safely and securely installed. They may be small, but they perform a really big job. Look at here to learn about more details.

Can you drive without a lug nut?

If a lug nut has been missed, you can still drive at a legal speed, but you need to exchange the new one as soon as possible. The other lug nuts may eventually become worn out from this exceeded pressure, which can also cause potential adverse effects on the wheel bearings.

Are lug nuts universal?

In spite that there is no such thing as standard size, lug nuts often have a similar thread. They come in around ten different thread pitches and diameters. It is essential to learn about the differences between lug nut sizes and types since you will need to know how to replace them if and when they become lost or broken.

9 different types of Lug Nuts

As wheel fasteners, they play an important role in your vehicle because they keep the wheels attached to the hub. Sizes and models vary relying on your car model. Conical, Spherical, Mag Seat, Flat Seat, Extended Thread, Tuner Style, Small Diameter Spline Drive, Lug Bolts and Left-Hand Threaded Lug Nuts are the most mainstream type. Thread Pitch: 12x1.25 M12x1.5 M14x1.5 lug nuts 1/2-20 9/16-18.

Can you tighten your own wheel nuts?

Yes, you can install the wheel lugs by hand. As a professional manufacturer, we do not recommend using any lubricant on the wheel nuts. Push the wheel back on the hub and using your socket wrench, tighten the lug nuts just to fit the wheel closely.