Spike Lug Nuts Guide - Introduction of finishing processes

Yuvien RoyerJanuary 19, 2023

Want to make your beloved wheels more outstanding? Then it is a good choice to have a set of spike lug nuts that match it. Believe it or not, even a small change will make a splash. You can learn more about the spike lug nuts in the article "The Role...

What do spike lug nuts do on a truck?

Yuvien RoyerJanuary 03, 2023

If you paid attention to trucks or semis, you may be attracted by some wheels and lug nuts with exaggerated shapes. Some drivers are keen to modify the long lug nuts which could give their vehicles a more aggressive appearance.

Why extension lug nuts could comfort you

Ryan DongNovember 09, 2022

These lug nuts may look small, but they are the last and most important section in securing the wheel to the vehicle. When you put the new wheels or wheel spacers on another car (especially on an old vehicle), you will find the studs are short. Because these studs are...

The 2023 F-SERIES Truck Opens a New Area

Yuvien RoyerNovember 02, 2022

The Blue Oval has introduced its 5th generation of durable vehicles at its Kentucky Vehicle Plant in Louisville. Guv Andy Beshear declared September 27th "Kentucky Day" as the car manufacturer drew the wraps off its all-new 2023 Ford F-Series Super Task truck. The revitalized Super Responsibility features a brand-new muscle...

What are Wheel Offset and Backspacing

Yuvien RoyerNovember 02, 2022

Backspacing and offset are essential to understanding exactly how a wheel fits and will certainly affect your flight's handling. For Jeep and truck owners, the incorrect backspacing or countered can correspond to tire rub, bad handling, and sometimes, series damage to the car. KSP Performance offers tire and wheel suggestions,...