Leveling Lift Kits

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  • Determine Why You Need a Lift Kit
  • Before you go out and get that new lift kit, think about why the truck needs one in the first place. As a truck owner, you should be aware that a leveling kit entails additional costs, and you should be prepared to cover them. There are various leveling kits available, each with its price tag, and you should pick one that fits your budget.There is a large selection of raise kits and truck accessories for trucks, SUVs, and Jeep lift kits. We can guarantee that your suspension kit was designed and manufactured to industry-leading standards. All suspension kits are put through rigorous testing to ensure they meet the criteria of the stability control system. Look for a long-arm suspension system or one that includes geometry correction brackets for the control arms if you want the optimum performance on and off the road. Control arms are also available on KSP Performance. Try to select model carefully before the decisions.

  • Choosing the Right Kit By Make and Model
  • Since you know more about your options, it's time to settle on the fitting lift kit for your vehicle. The first step is to consider the make and model of your car. Again, leveling kits are designed for certain types of cars, so make sure whatever equipment you choose should be compatible with your make and model.
    If you want a level suspension, you should also measure your vehicle to know exactly how far off the front to rear is from one another. Look at the article why lift kits benefit us. Measure the distance from the center of the wheel to the top of the wheel well. Deal with that for both the front and back of your vehicle. Compare the two numbers, and you'll get what's known as the rake or the difference in height between the front and back. For example, if you measure the rear and get a reading of 18 inches while the front comes in at 16 inches, you have two inches of rake, which means you'll need to raise the show by approximately two inches to level the stance your vehicle.
    Because most leveling systems add two inches to the front, two inches of rake is pretty standard. Still, because certain vehicles are various heights, you may need to choose a suspension kit that is a little more adjustable in terms of suspension lifting.
    We have jeep lift kits, Toyota lift kits and others for your reference.All the suspension systems are safe on road. There's a kit for any budget, ranging from simple poly spacer lift kits to whole suspension systems with all new control arms, springs, shocks, and all the brackets you need.

  • Choosing the Right Kit By Vehicle Application
  • You should also pick a kit based on what you want to get out of it. If all you want is a level stance, adding a few inches to the front can do the trick. You'll have a level stance, excellent handling, and a comfortable ride.
    On the other hand, some vehicle owners appreciate a modest rake in their ride. While some people prefer a lift kit, you can use leveling lift kits to add a few inches to the front or back of your vehicle. You may choose to lift the front or back somewhat for increased towing or winching power. This also provides a bit of ground clearance and room for bigger tires. A complete lift kit will provide even more ground clearance and larger tires if you wish to lift your vehicle. Lift kits are more pricy and difficult to install than leveling kits. It all relies on what you want to accomplish and how much money you invest.

  • Buy the Kit and Install It
  • After you've decided on lift kits, purchase it and install it on your truck. As mentioned in step one, buy the one that fits inside your budget. Setting up the equipment is a simple task for those skilled enough. Those who are inexperienced should hire someone qualified to handle the work. The time it takes to install a leveling kit varies widely and is determined by the type of leveling kit.

  • Maintain the Lift Kit
  • The leveling kit must be maintained to function correctly, so just because it's installed doesn't mean it's finished. Like any other mechanical equipment, leveling kits have a lifespan that is determined by how well they are maintained. Newsletter subscribe to get latest info about our products, events and sales.