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Toyota Leveling Kits

If you want to level your Toyota Truck, KSP Performance is a solution. A KSP Performance leveling lift kit for your Toyota Tacoma or Tundra will provide your truck a powerful and aggressive stance. We ensure all our Tacoma leveling kits are safe enough through professional testing. So this is a cost-effective way to level your truck. We provide both front and rear leveling lift kits for you.

What do leveling kits do for a Tacoma?

There are no suspension upgrades with a leveling kit. It only adds a spacer to the suspension, lifting the vehicle a little bit. You may accommodate bigger tires and have better ground clearance as a result. The size of the spacer in spacer kits does restrict the amount of down travel your Tacoma has.

Will a leveling kit void my warranty Toyota Tacoma?

You have the freedom to upgrade your truck anyway you see fit because of the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. Most of the time, installing a leveling system on your Toyota Tacoma won't void the warranty. Occasionally, Toyota may be able to void the warranty if they can show that the leveling kit caused damage to other parts of the vehicle.

Is it better to get a lift kit or leveling kit?

For a driver who needs bigger tires or additional ground clearance for daily driving, a leveling kit is a perfect option. Lifting systems provide you the space you need to install tires up to 40 inches in diameter, but they are substantially more complicated and expensive.