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Chevrolet Wheel Spacers

  • Why KSP Performance Chevrolet Wheel Spacers
  • KSP spacers and wheel adapters with multi hole bolt pattern provides a high-quality fit when you need to position your wheels further outward to clear brake components or prevent larger tires from rubbing. hub centric rings and non-hub centric rings are both available for many car model. View other car model wheel spacers here. Use our images and texts for identification purposes only. For special offers, please contact us.

  • Are spacers for wheels Silverado 1500 safe?
  • The silverado 1500 wheel spacer that is correctly installed will be completely safe. The wheel stud applies a clamping force to the hub, which keeps the wheel in place. The wheel studs flex elastically as the lug nuts are tightened, similar to very rigid springs. Tighten the lug nuts until the stud reaches 90 percent of its elastic limit.

  • Do spacers really make a difference?
  • Installing wheel spacers on a vehicle enhances the wheel bearing's leverage. The greater the leverage, the larger the spacer. This shortens the life of the wheel bearing because they are not designed to withstand leverage forces and hence wear out more quickly, increasing rolling resistance and causing the automobile to lose power.

  • Will chevrolet silverado spacers cause vibration?
  • Many car owners are concerned about vibrations caused by wheel spacers. Wheel spacers, in fact, do not cause vibration and they just increase the track of the wheels.