For Ford Wheel Spacers

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What are Wheel Spacers?

When your wheels are tucked too far into the wheel well, ford wheel spacers are a terrific way to expand the stance of your car. With stock wheels becoming more attractive, it is no longer necessary to replace them immediately; this is where Rokblokz wheel spacers come into play. They'll push your wheels out so they're flush with the fenders, giving you the best of all worlds in terms of appearance and handling. Increased track width enhances overall aesthetics while also optimizing driving behavior with increased stability and reduced body roll. Choose your car or truck models and choose your vehicle to be routed to the spacers with perfect fit. Look at free shipping spacers with different bolt pattern.

Aluminum Material:

The majority of hub centric wheel spacers on the market are constructed of 6061-T6 aluminum. Our ford wheel spacers are composed of 7075-T6 forged aluminum since we desired a more lasting ford wheel spacers.

Limited Life Range:

The Bolts/Studs pass the SGS Fatigue Strength Test 1 MILLION Times. To put it another way, they are tough and powerful!

Anti-Rust Bolts/Studs/Nuts:

A corrosion resistant coating has been applied to the Metric Grade 12.9 studs and nuts to protect them from rust. Passes the SGS NSS 72-Hour Test.