What Is The Difference Between Wheel Locks, Locking Lug Nuts, and Anti-Theft Lug Nuts

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The number of theft crimes in the U.S. has been rising since 2019. There were 873,080 car thefts reported in 2020, “the highest auto theft rate in the last 10 years,” says David Glawe, president and CEO of the National Insurance Crime Bureau. In 2021, that number rose by 8 percent to nearly one million cases.


And in Washington state, local law enforcement reported that vehicle thefts are up 88 percent in the first three months of 2022 compared to 2021: 12,569 so far this year compared to just 6,692 in the first three months of the last year. Over in New Jersey, thefts are up 31 percent. Other areas of the country are reporting similar statistics.

First of all, we hope you will never have to face such problems. But now that you have found this article. Then we will give our advice on the choice of anti-theft products.

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Wheel Lock

Wheel Lock, also known as Tire Boot. Generally it refers to the extra Heavy duty Locks used on the wheels, which is essentially a lock. Most of them are designed with a clamp shape. Their purpose is to prevent the vehicle from being driven away.

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Yep! I didn't believe thieves could drive away my two-ton Prado until I experienced it! Especially these old SUVs and pickup trucks. They are very popular for their accessories. And it's easy for professional thieves to drive them away.

They take your car with a pry bar just as easily as you use your keys.
Your vehicle will be driven away in three minutes after removing the troublesome alarm device. Wheel Lock is bulky though. But wheel lock is a very effective deterrent to thieves when you get to unfamiliar areas. Thieves won't waste their time on an iron block.

Locking Lug Nuts & Anti Theft Lug Nuts

Funny to say, People are more tolerant about stealing wheels than stealing cars. And a set of high-quality wheels is not worth less than tearing off an old car.

Locking Lug Nuts and Anti Theft Lug Nuts are the same product. They are lug nuts with an anti-theft design. It requires a specific key to install or remove. The purpose is to prevent your expensive wheels from being easily removed.

"Crime is a business, and business is good."

The wheels and tires of the vehicle are also expensive accessories.

People often spend a lot of money on their rims, wheels, and tires for performance and aesthetic reasons. They represent a sizable investment and often have sentimental value as well.

As we said, wheel locks will stop your vehicle from being driven away, but thieves are always looking for ways to get any part of your car. For wheel thieves, your wheel lock will simply allow them to take one less wheel.

The car lug nuts are removed by a key that matches their shape. The thieves can find the tools they needed to remove the original lug nuts in the store.

Locking Lug Nuts are designed to prevent the nut from being unscrewed by a standard socket. These special lug nuts are designed with a special sleeve. This means that thieves can't easily get the wheel off your vehicle if they don’t know your purchase history.

Some would say that these strange lug nuts won't stop your wheels from being stolen at all. A professional thief can remove your wheels just as well.

Yes, but not all. The truth is that they won't spend much time on the hassle. Trying to force these special lug nuts off is likely to hurt the wheels. And it would hurt their "business".

ksp performance

It is difficult to anticipate what might happen to your vehicle on the road. The bad thing is that you may not realize you've lost your socket until you need it. You may just want to change your spare tire, but are stranded on the side of the road since you lost your socket.

So make sure you keep a key(socket) in your car after you buy these locking lug nuts. We don't want these "anti-theft" products to end up being “anti-me”.



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