The finish of colored lug nuts

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As we have stated before, we have different requirements for each product in order to pursue the best performance of different color.

We have launched red and blue spike lug nuts for the demand of colored lug nuts. The craft of KSP colored spike lug nuts are under strict standards. They have undergone several revisions in order to achieve a unique effect. Now, it has the same good color and texture as the car paint.

red spike lug nuts

Electrophoresis painting

We have mentioned the Electrophoresis painting on our website. The colors of cars are actually covering the electrophoretic layer. We can’t deny the advantages and importance of electrophoretic painting.

Electrophoretic painting enhances the rigidity, rust resistance and dyeing power of the base metal,which is well suited to the requirements of the automotive industry. Therefore, KSP applied the electrophoretic painting to the base metal of the nut before painting. It could ensure the color expression and adhesion of the paint.


Metallic Paint

KSP uses the same metallic paint on surface of the electrophoretic layer that is used on the car. Metallic paint is a paint with metallic particles added. It creates a brilliant gloss effect and depth of color. Metallic paint is one of the most widely used types of paint by car manufacturers.

Enhances the visual effect

Since metallic paints are added with small aluminum particles, light is reflected through these metal particles to produce a shiny effect, providing a glossier finish than any paint.

red spike lug nuts

These metal particles will produce texture to the color and the contours of the vehicle at different angles.

Better protection

Metallic paint also has excellent UV resistance. For car owners who always use their vehicles outdoors, this capability provides excellent protection to UV rays. At the same time,  they have a strong corrosion resistance which could greatly prolong the life of the car paint.

At last, the refraction of metallic paint can also cover up some minor scratches.

Varnish Paint

Varnish is widely used as the outermost protective layer of automobiles. In fact, the metallic paint doesn't expose the outer surface whether it is a lug nut or a car. All the colors that show up are actually seen through the varnish.

The coating protected by the varnish is flexible and can firmly withstand sunlight, rain and many other negative influences.

red spike lug nuts

KSP applies varnish to the outer layer of colored spike lug nuts as well. The varnish is a transparent resin which provides good brightness and gloss. The color paint will show a texture similar to waxing after wrapped by the varnish. This could make a great improvement to the gloss.

The main purpose of the varnish is to improve the gloss and the texture of the paint,  protect against the UV rays and light scratches.


The multi-pass process means more production time and material costs, as well as higher scrap rate than regular nuts。

However, KSP still has a strict inspection for each lug nut. The paint and the surface of KSP lug nuts should be uniform and smooth, the engraving of each nuts should be clearly visible.

spike lug nuts

This spike lug nuts ended up presenting more than expected.

In terms of visual effect, the color and gloss of these spike lug nuts are far beyond the regular colored products available in the market. The texture is unachievable with a single layer of color paint or electroplated paint.

In terms of durability, the salt spray test results of our new colored nuts are twice as good as those of regular (single-layer) finishes. You can explore the outdoors with it with confidence.


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