Spike Lug Nuts Guide - Introduction of finishing processes

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Want to make your beloved wheels more outstanding? Then it is a good choice to have a set of spike lug nuts that match it. Believe it or not, even a small change will make a splash. You can learn more about the spike lug nuts in the article "The Role and Safety of Spike Lug Nuts".
There are many styles and colors of spike lug nuts. We will introduce the surface treatment of the spike lug nuts in this article, which will help you to select the right nuts.

Surface Treatment

If you have checked the details of KSP spike lug nuts, you will find that they are distinguished in line with both advanced manufacturing processes and processing technique.

Chrome Plating

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Chromium is a silvery-white metal with a slight blue. Chromium plating is an electrochemical process covering the needed areas with a chromium layer. The chrome layer could maintain its luster for a long time, enhancing its appearance. Moreover, it increases the hardness and durability of the nut surface, resists corrosion, and makes it easier to clean. Therefore, chrome plating is widely used for the surface treatment of exterior vehicle parts.

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Chrome plating is ideal for equipment exposed to caustic elements. Chrome mitigates the risk of rust and enforces the strength of the base material.

High intensity and abrasion resistance

This is an essential feature for wheel parts.

Shining appearance

The chrome layer has the texture of noble metal. And it is easy to deliver a dose of aggressive stance when matched with polished wheels.

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Excellent anti-corrosive

The chrome layer completely isolates the base material from the air. And its high stability in the air protects the nut from rusting for a long time.

Disadvantages: The price

The surface of chrome plating and galvanized has a similar visual effect. However, the chrome plating spike lug nut has higher rigidity, chemical stability (rust and corrosion resistance) and glossiness compared to the galvanized one on the market.

But at the same time, chrome plating cost more than galvanizing.


But when it comes to chrome-plated nuts with faulty surface treatment, it's not just a matter of scratches. The chrome layer tends to come off in chunks, giving you such a headache.

Electrophoresis painting

It is also known as E-Coating. It is an immersion wet paint finishing process that uses electrical current to attract the paint product to a metal surface.

The E-coating process is a dipping system which is very similar to the processing of metal plating.

But the difference is the finish uses organic paint particles not metal particles in the immersion baths.

In fact, many products you own useE-Coating. 99% of all new cars are E-coated. Different colors of paint are covered above the electrophoretic layer. E-coating gives the vehicle a flat paint job and has a great anti-corrosion ability.

KSP black spike lug nuts adopt electrophoresis painting on the surface, it is the best choice to match the off-road style modification.

Advantages of KSP products with the electrophoresis painting:

Smooth surface and uniform color

KSP products have a more textured painted surface because the electrophoretic treatment produces a flat surface. You should know that it is hard to avoid uneven color if you've sprayed the paint by yourself.  However, this does not happen on products with electrophoretic treatment.

What’s more, KSP product with electrophoresis treatment has a uniform color. The nuts look aggressive with off-road wheels and wide tires.

Superior Corrosion Resistance

Rust always starts from a breakage. And the electrophoresis painting can cover and protect the whole nut uniformly. Even corners and recessed areas are completely protected, which gives the nuts superior corrosion resistance.

Excellent dyeing power

It is good news for DIY lovers! The electrophoretic layers are widely covered on top of the base material because of their great dyeing power.

You could choose KSP black spike lug nuts and paint the color you want if you have your build idea.

Environmentally friendly

E-Coating is environmentally friendly because the process produces little to no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), HAPS (Hazardous Air pollutants) and is RoHS, OSHA, and EPA compliant. 

Economical and practical

Electrophoresis-painted spike lug nuts are more affordable than plated nuts.


The surface created by electrophoresis is less wear-resistant than the one formed by plating since the surface is eventually covered with paint.


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