What do spike lug nuts do on a truck?

Ryan Dong - Writer; Automobile Expertise |

If you paid attention to trucks or semis, you may be attracted by some wheels and lug nuts with exaggerated shapes. Some drivers are keen to modify the long lug nuts which could give their vehicles a more aggressive appearance.

These spike lug nuts are available in different lengths and colors. They will definitely add some personality to your vehicle although they are small.


These protruding top hat-shaped nuts are more common. The spike lug nuts serve the same protective and decorative purpose as they do.

spike lug nuts

These KSP spike lug nuts are electrophoretic coated, which will not easily get dusty. The pointed shape is also less likely to accumulate mud. What's more, the quality surface treatment also means they don't rust easily.

black spike lug nutschrome spike lug nuts

Warning function

Apart from adding a “cooler” appearance to the vehicle, it could also encourage other drivers to give the truck more room and avoid blind spots. This is especially true of semi trucks, which have terrible blind spots on both sides. The spike lug nuts on semi trucks can draw attention and stop people from approaching. If you instinctively start thinking about whether these spikes are safe, then they do their job.

warning function

However, they are only a few inches long, so they rarely engage with other vehicles.

Most of the lug nuts on semi-trucks are plastic.

More and more pickup and off-road vehicle owners are installing the spike lug nuts on their vehicles as decoration. Compared to the plastic nuts, these spike lug nuts are more adept at dealing with complex off-road environments, they have a metallic surface and are also more durable.

So are these products safe?

They are safe when they are not wider than the width of the body and inside the hub.

lug nutsspike lug nuts

Please note that it would be dangerous if these parts exceed the width of the body or even exposed beyond the fender.

The wheels are designed with a concave shape, which is very popular among the aftermarket and also the pickup and off-road owners. Most spike lug nuts cannot be extended out of the hub. The stock wheels also mean that it is nearly impossible to make direct contact with these spikes.


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