Why extension lug nuts could comfort you

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These lug nuts may look small, but they are the last and most important section in securing the wheel to the vehicle.

When you put the new wheels or wheel spacers on another car (especially on an old vehicle), you will find the studs are short. Because these studs are designed for those thin stock wheels. Your new parts may block most of the original threads, sometimes you can’t even see those that should be exposed.

This situation is danger

If you are experiencing such things, please read our blogs carefully.

The Dangers of insufficient thread

The Solutions

1) Replace the extension bolts (complicated)

2) Replace the extension spout nut (simple)

The Dangers of insufficient thread

You are content with the style of the new wheel, only to find the original studs sunk deep into it. What  an annoying situation!

Some people are so ridiculous that they don't care about the length of the threads. They insist on fixing bigger wheels on a poor little thread with tiny lug nuts.

wheel fall of

If you don't want to see your wheels roll past you, stop!

It’s vital to know that the wheels carry almost the entire weight of your car. The number of turns of the lug nut bite threads determines the strength of your fixed wheel. So the fewer the turns of threads are, the more danger you drive.


Replace the extension bolts (complicated)

Although extension bolts are more expensive and troublesome to install, they are the only way to go when the threads are too few to be visible.

You need to be aware of the following issues:

Replacing a long bolts

1) The thread pattern of the extended bolts you purchased must be the same as your stock.

2) If you are installing a closed lug nut, you need to measure the length. Because you need to make sure that the studs won’t obstruct the contact between the lug nut base and the hub. Otherwise, you will have to re-cut and grind all the studs.

3) You will need to remove brake rotors, brake calipers and caliper brackets, etc.

All In all, replacing the bolts is a complex task, so please leave it to a professional mechanic.

Initially, you just wanted to spend an hour upgrading the appearance, but now you have to spend a whole day changing a set of bolts.

Replace the long spout nut (simple)

What you need is only a set of extended shank lug nuts.

They could bite more threads and help you hold the wheel better.

The easiest solution for those problems with insufficient threads is to use an ET lug nut. You need to ensure it has the same thread pitch as your stock car. These lug nuts will fit most of the aftermarket wheels.

ET lug nuts for wheel spacers

Wheel studs length can be an issue while spacers installation. There is not enough thread pitch contact!

ET lug nuts provide extra shank and keep enough tight engagement!

We can better look at the back of the wheel spacer with ET lug nuts. They'll look for more threads like crazy, which could double your thread contact.

A 7mm shank is sufficient to turn the threads in 4-5 turns. This depends on your thread size. More threads mean better hold!

When working on non-hubcentric wheel spacers, the lug-centric will fix them instead of the hub-centric. This will make them more stable and secure.

A high-quality ET lug nut is made from high-quality steel. After cold forged and heat treated, It will be featured with cutting-edge rust-inhibiting technology. Besides, it could pass a salt spray test of over 96 hours!

They will keep you safe on the road.

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