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Lug Nuts M14x1.5 7 Spline Bulge Acorn Seat For Chevy Dodge 24pcs+1key


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SKU: MT-8N009

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Color: Chrome
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Lug NutsLug Nuts


Thread Pitch: M14x1.5
Contains: 24pcs Black Lug Nuts +1 Socket Key
Features: Closed end, 60 Degree cone/Conical seat, 1 duplex hex socket keys for installation (13/16'' and 7/8'')
Fits:Aftermarket Wheels With Cone Seat
DON'T FIT: OEM wheels,Vehicles with Mag Seat or Ball Seat/Round Seat, If not sure about your vehicle specs, please contact us with your model detail.
Anti-Rusting and Anti-Stripped: Cold Forged and Heat Treated SCM 435 Steel(High Strength and Durability), quality durable surface dealing process, clear and clean pitch thread.


Do Not Use Powerful Impact
Hand Wrench Recommended(13/16" or 7/8" Hex)
Torque the lug nuts as the stock recommended tightening torque
make sure you get 5-7 turns before tightening, Retorque all lug nuts / bolts after 25-50 miles of driving, then again 1-2,000 miles