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10pcs Ball Seat 14x1.5 Aftermarket Lug Bolts For Audi VolksWagen Mercedes Benz Wheel Spacers


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length: 40mm
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40mm/45mm 60 degrees ball seat aftermarket ET lug bolts for 15mm/20mm wheel spacers
14-1.5 thread pitch(set of 20), 17mm wrench recommended


Any Audi with 14x1.5 Thread Aftermarket Wheels
Any BMW with 14x1.5 Thread Aftermarket Wheels
Any Mercedes Benz with 14x1.5 Thread Aftermarket Wheels
Any Porsche with 14x1.5 Thread Aftermarket Wheels
Any Volkswagen with 14x1.5 Thread Aftermarket Wheels


take one of your bolts and measure it, add 15mm/20mm, good to go
follow your stock torque specs
cut the extended part if you bought it as OEM ones by mistake


safely mount your rims with wheel spacers to avoid a wheel flying off
special anti-rusting multi-layers, not easy rusting even the first black layer striped off!


12months warranty, free return or exchange if not helpful, free replacement if missing parts and no extra fee needed!