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Leveling Lift Kits

Leveling kits include hardware to raise the front of the vehicle just enough to match the stock height of the back. A leveling kit is made to lift the vehicle's front end no more than two inches. Look at the article about leveling kits and you will learn more about suspension products. And KSP Performance is one of the best places to consider high-quality car accessories.

Can I install leveling kits myself?

Your wrenching skills will determine if you can install leveling kits in your own driveway. Installing certain 4x4s with independent front suspension may pose some challenges. A simple spacer frequently separates the front suspension struts and car frame.

Lifting versus leveling – which is better for you?

Most leveling kits provide a lift of one to two inches. They can provide an aggressive stance at a reasonable price. A professional leveling kit can perfectly maintain factory ride quality. A lift kit is better if you want to do rugged off-road driving frequently. The lift kit raises the whole truck body, not just the front, to adapt larger wheels and tires. Depending on the size of the lift, it will include new bushings, coil springs, shocks, sway bar links, track bars, and adjustable control arms.

Can I install leveling kits by myself?

Although leveling kits are usually much easier to mount than lift kits, we suggest you find a professional technician or vehicle store to install them if you feel uncomfortable installing them. It may seem easy to install one of them, but once you start taking things apart, it's quite easy to make mistakes that could damage your vehicle and cost more money to replace.

Choosing the Right Kit for Your Vehicle

To begin with, you should take the make, year, and model of your vehicle into consideration. Again, leveling kits are made for certain vehicles, so please ensure they are compatible with your vehicle's make, year, and model. Accessories for Chevy, GMC, Ford, Dodge, Toyota, jeep, and other hot truck brands are available on KSP Performance's official website store.

Why Are Leveling Kits So Inexpensive?

For various reasons, leveling kits are much less expensive than lifts suspension. The main justification is that leveling the suspension requires fewer parts than lifting a car three or more inches. Some types, such as coil spring spacers, are specifically designed to provide an additional lift to the rear end of your vehicle, ensuring a more balanced stance. Installing coil spring spacers between the rear axle and leaf springs allows you to raise the suspension and achieve the desired leveling effect. These spacers are a cost-effective solution that allows for increased ground clearance and the option to accommodate larger tires, providing improved off-road capability and a more aggressive look to your vehicle.

How Much Lift Would A Leveling Kit Provide?

A vehicle model that is being leveled often determines how much lift a leveling kit offers. Different car types have stances with varying levels of rake. To achieve a level stance, some 4x4s require more lift than others. Most leveling kits boost surfaces by 1-2.5 inches. If you already have a specific tire size and lift height in mind, there might be better choices than a leveling kit.

What's the maximum tire size I can install with a leveling kit?

Your tire size options are constrained because most leveling kits only provide 1-2.5 inches of lift. In general, a tire that is one to two sizes larger than the standard should fit. A tire up to three or four sizes larger than standard may be used for some situations.

The best tire size for your car will depend on how you plan to use it, how much tire rubbing you can handle, and how much fender trimming you're willing to do. With a leveling system and the specified tire size, for instance, a street-driven 44 might never experience tire rub. When the sway bars are removed, and the suspension is articulated, that same setup may experience excruciating tire rub off-road.


With the right leveling kit, suspension lift kit, and accessories, you can confidently elevate your vehicle in terms of style and functionality. Enjoy the benefits of a level stance, enhanced off-road capabilities, and an impressive appearance that sets your vehicle apart. So, go ahead and choose the perfect leveling kit to embark on your next adventure with confidence!