How to adjust Toe, Camber and Caster

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We hope you could figure out if you really need to adjust your suspension angle before we introducing this issue. Camber, Toe and Caster are the core data of the four wheel alignment. And we have introduced them in our previous articles. Look at more camber arm kits here.

tire wear and wheel alignment

Four-wheel alignment is important because all the adhesive force of a car comes from the tires. The relative position and pointing of these four tires has a decisive impact on the dynamics of the body. Therefore, a change in four-wheel alignment settings can bring a very different driving experience to the same car.

However, these data will change accordingly depending on the driving habits of different owners even if they are in the same car and on the same track. Therefore, we do not recommend you to copy others' adjustment parameters. Find camber kits.

A slight change to the suspension and wheels can cause a difference in the four wheel alignment data. Therefore, please do not change the vehicle easily based on your personal preference unless you have the ultimate passion and pursuit for the vehicle's handling.
Generally, stock vehicles are set with a subtle camber, which may not be detectable by observation. Track enthusiasts can set a parameter that satisfies both between track and daily use.

Unless you are a HELLA FLUSH player with special requirements for camber, it is a good choice for ordinary vehicles to keep the stock parameters.

Adjusting suspension parameters is an ongoing task for players who need it. Many car enthusiasts people indulge in this.

 What is the Caster

Caster is usually not adjustable. And their range of adjustment is very small even if they can be adjusted. What’s more, caster does not have as much impact on the dynamic performance of the vehicle as camber and Toe. It will not be frequently involved in the four wheel alignment adjustment after the setup is completed.

Camber and Toe adjustments

Toe and Camber adjustments often affect each other. The adjustment methods and positions vary depending on the model. Camber is the most frequently adjusted in the suspension parameters because of its importance and flexibility.

Proper camber allows the vehicle to get more contact patch(Contact patch is the portion of a vehicle's tire that is in actual contact with the road surface.) on the side of the wheel that receives more force when cornering.This could improving the vehicle's cornering ability.

That's why most vehicles are set up with a little negative camber, and performance cars have even more negative camber.


camber kits

The camber is very visible on the Formula 1 racing car. By the setting of camber,

they could counteract the loss of grip during cornering due to the shift in weight.

Eccentric bolts

Small range of camber adjustment can be done by eccentric bolts, which is the most economical way of adjustment.

KSP's camber kits for trucks also use the same principle of eccentric bolts. They can replace the original truck components and are used to solve the problem of inaccurate vehicle camber.

camber kits

Camber plate

The Camber plate is used for MacPherson suspensions. It allows flexible adjustment of the camber and toe.

Its main function is to adjust the camber of the front suspension by adjusting the scale of the top tower of the shock. It is generally used in racing cars or high performance cars, and is only applicable to MacPherson suspension.

The modification of the Camber plate involves the removal and replacement of shock mounts, which is usually more costly.

Audi front camber suspension link

Audi replaced the double wishbone upper control arm with two split suspension links.

KSP has designed camber kits specifically for this five-link suspension.


camber kits

 On the market, control arms for Audi are almost non-adjustable. And our KSP control arm solve this problem. Not only could replace OE parts, but also adjust the camber and caster-1.50°/+1.50°.More suitable for racing and sports car.

What's more, our Audi suspension links are constructed of forged 6061-T6 aluminum and high strength alloy ball joints. They are superior to the OE links in both material and workmanship.

They can adjust the vehicle's front suspension camber& toe efficiently and accurately. In addition, they could fit both street and racing applications perfectly.

Rear camber suspension link

The rear suspension parameters of most vehicles are controlled by various suspension links. The location and shape of those suspension links may vary depending on the model and year.

camber kits

There are many aftermarket suspension links with identical parameters to the OE, but they serve more as replacements for OE parts, what’s more, they are not freely adjustable. Please note that the adjustments of the OE parts we are talking about are very limited. They are only for the simple correction of the vehicle's four wheel alignment. They are not for the adjustment of the race car.

The KSP suspension links not only replaces the original parts, but also extends the range of adjustment. Furthermore, it is stronger than the OE parts.

If larger adjustments are made to other sections, then the aftermarket adjustable suspension links are needed to match the professional modification of the suspension section. They can accommodate a wider range of adjustments to get your vehicle in ideal condition.

KSP has developed racing-grade adjustable suspension links for Audi, Nissan, Infiniti, Honda, Acura and other models.


For the car chassis, once a slight change is made to one aspect, it will lead to a change in the overall handling. Therefore, please make sure to consult a professional car modification store before making any changes to the suspension angle of your vehicle. And consider it with the actual needs.


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