2023 Honda Civic Type R Loads 315 Horsepower

Yuvien Royer - Writer; Automobile Expertise |

When Honda took the covers off of the 2023 Civic Kind R last month, the car manufacturer promised it would be "the most effective Honda ever marketed in The United States and Canada." However, it significantly avoided quoting any power statistics until today. In a press release, the automaker went down the auto's main statistics in a news release this evening: 315 horsepower and also 310 pound-feet of torque.

Real to its word, that's nine hp and 15 lb-ft more than the previous-gen Type R and, indeed, the best Honda-branded U.S. design. However, as Honda followers have lamented previously, it still won't be rather as spicy as what you can get in Japan.


This past weekend, a Japanese-market sales brochure for the automobile dripped online discussion forum CivicXI indicates that Japan's Type R's will obtain 326 horsepower. Like the previous generation and several other foreign-market racers, the distinction is likely down to American exhaust regulations.

Beyond the power stats, Honda's launch did inform us even more about how the Kind R has been establishing its final specifications, yet the aesthetic weight and pricing details are still a secret.


The Japanese Civic Kind R will weigh about 3,150 pounds more than the previous-generation model, and the American version will gain a few pounds in translation. Even so, fans can anticipate it to weigh less than the 3,500-pound M240i from BMW or the 3,400-pound Golf R from Volkswagen. It will probably be more expensive and faster than Hyundai's Elantra N and Kona N variants.


The 2023 Civic Kind R, refined on racetracks from Suzuka to Germany's Nürburgring, receives a wider grille aperture, radiator, and a larger-diameter radiator fan to help keep the engine cool during hot lapping for hours at a time. Even though they are frequently closer to Mid-Ohio or Lime Rock than the Rhineland, Type R owners take their cars to track days.


The modified version of the old car's 2.0-liter K20C1 four-cylinder engine was tuned for additional power the old-fashioned way by improving airflow into and out of the machine using an improved turbocharger and exhaust system. Honda has brought back the rev-matching mechanism for much more precise control, and a lighter flywheel saps a lot less pressure.


The last drive proportion is now 3.842:1 rather than 4.111:1, which might indicate quieter traveling and much better gas mileage (another stat we do not yet understand, yet it will drink 91 octanes).

Honda has broadened the front track an inch and the rear by half an inch and included much chunkier stabilizer bars than the supply Civic on both the front and back. The CTR's protruding fenders, as well as big wheels, make it 3.5 inches wider general than a normal Civic hatchback.

The 2023 CTR will roll on standard 19-inch wheels, smaller than the previous generation's basic 20-inch systems (perhaps lighter), and use 265/30 R19 Michelin Pilot Sport four rubber.

July's initial CTR teaser photos illustrated the auto only in Champion White, the trademark color of Honda's stripped-down Kind Rs. Given the creation of the first NSX Type-R three decades earlier, tonight's release brought pictures of the automobile in the other colors, Rallye Red, Increase Blue, Crystal Black Pearl, and Sonic Grey Pearl.

Expect many more teased details over the next few months, including the last prices—the 2023 Civic Kind R schedules at dealerships late this fall.



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