How to Choose Leveling Kits for Ford Maverick 2023

Yuvien Royer - Writer; Automobile Expertise |

When it comes to the Ford Maverick, 'unorthodox' is the name of the game. This subcompact truck is making waves, with prices starting under $20,000 and a well-equipped model comfortably under $30,000. At its core, it offers practicality, versatility, and a dash of rugged appeal.

Unleashing Aggression: The 1-Inch Leveling Kit

The first step in transforming your Maverick's stance is the addition of a 1-inch leveling kit. This modification lends a more aggressive aesthetic and instills a genuine 'truck' feel.

In its subcompact glory, the Maverick delivers on the essentials: comfortable seating, a practical bed, and agile maneuverability. It's not about needing a heavy-duty workhorse; it's about having a versatile companion for everyday tasks.

Ascending Heights: The 2-inch Leveling Lift Kit

We introduce the 2-inch leveling lift kit, taking the Maverick to new heights. Building on the foundation of the 1-inch kit, this upgrade elevates the entire truck by an additional inch. This adjustment grants the freedom to equip tires, opening up a world of off-road possibilities.

With the 1-inch kit, we established a balance between front and rear. The 2-inch kit, however, raises the bar, allowing for a larger tire size. This enhances the visual appeal and augments the Maverick's capability on rough terrains.

The Verdict: 1-Inch vs. 2-Inch

To refine your Ford Maverick's look and performance, choosing between a 1-inch leveling kit and a 2-inch lift kit boils down to personal preference. The 1-inch kit offers a subtle yet noticeable enhancement, providing just the right touch of elevation. On the other hand, the 2-inch lift kit delivers a more pronounced transformation, amplifying both style and capability.

Whether considering a Maverick purchase or seeking to elevate your existing ride, KSP Performance is the go-to destination for your leveling lift kit needs. Various options and expert guidance ensure you get the most out of your Maverick's potential.


These leveling kits further elevate the Maverick's unorthodox charm. Whether you opt for the 1-inch or 2-inch upgrade, you will experience a notable enhancement in form and function. Choose according to your preferences, and let KSP Performance be your trusted partner in this transformative journey. Elevate your Maverick and redefine your driving experience.


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