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Among many friends of KSP, a 4runner with rainbow license caught our eyes. Jaymerson is from Hawaii and was born and raised on Oahu. He is passionate about driving his off-roads travel around the island.

What makes us prouder than showing off our products is showing off our customers' modifications!

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Yesss! The blue really pops behind my black wheels

Jaymerson first purchased 4runner wheel spacers on Amazon. And contacted us for the 4 Runner control arms on instagram.

“I went with KSP because of how affordable they plus the build quality is amazing. I picked up a set of KSP 1.5” hub centric wheels spacers from Amazon”. Jaymerson said.

Building an off-road rig here in Hawaii is a good way to stand out from the rest.

Oahu is an adventure lover’s paradise.

The beauty of Hawaii is that it has beaches, Gobi, mountains, rainforests and even canyons.

However, that also means you won't be able to do this journey with a lowrider.

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During our interview with Jaymerson, we grew enamored with Hawaii. Unfortunately, transporting our car to the islands would be a significant expense.

This makes it all the more romantic to build and travel with our own truck on such a beautiful island. Jaymerson is truly enviable.

“Since I'm a fisherman an off-road capable rig can help me get to spots that certain vehicles can’t go”.

An off-road vehicle will certainly give your confidence on complex unpaved roads.

You'll know what's happening with your vehicle on the road through the off-road tires, How they are going to get turn and how they are going to grab the ground.

My journey with this off-road build has been amazing ! Met a bunch of cool people and learned a lot as well.

Travel companions more important than destination。

Car enthusiasts always assemble in various regions of all over the world. Hawaii is no exception.

“I’d love to tell them all about KSP and the variety of automotive parts that y’all sell”! Said Jaymerson.

auto parts - KSP Performance

Toyota party @HawaiiOffRoadYotas

Thank you, Jaymerson!

Modifications have allowed us to meet many friends from around the world. We cherish these friendships. As we say. 

The thing that makes us prouder than showing off our products is showing off our customers' modifications!

Thank you for reading.

wheel spacers

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