How Do Wheel Spacers Work

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“Wheel spacers”, which are made up of two words, its definition is just as the name implies: It is an aftermarket parts to separate your wheel from the hub. The main function is to move your wheels farther away from the vehicle’s body. Why should we use wheel spacers? To answer this question, you need to be clear about your demand. This article only focuses on illustrating the wheel spacer which could widen the wheel track. KSP believe that the reasons for installing wheel spacers are the following:
a car installed with wheel spacers

Off-road vehicles can install wider and larger tires by using wheel spacers

As we all know, a set of large off-road tires is vital for off-road vehicles. They not only give your vehicle better grip and drive, but also increasing your ride height and improving passing ability.
Wheel spacers could make more space for aftermarket tires. Without wheel spacers, the wheel bay, wheel brow or the fender could be rubbed by big tires.
You may wondering why there are pairs of wheel spacers in our website. That’s because some customers will only choose to install a larger rear wheel. We offer unique options for these customers with special requirements.
Wheel Spacers can increase the track and achieve the wide-body effect
It is known as the reason why most of modification enthusiasts buy wheel spacers. For those players who have the pursuit of stance, the position of the hubs and wheels are always imperfect whether the hubs are oem or replaced by non-custom modified wheels. In most cases, the hub is too far inward for the fender.
So how can we make them coordinate? There is no standard answer to this question. But the most common schemes is: The hub and the wheel are flush with the fender; or when viewed from directly in front or behind, the hubs are on the outside of the fender, which is just slightly visible. But if you're a HellaFlush player, you won't be satisfied with "just flush".
Wheel Spacers Allows You to Modify Larger Brake calipers
Many car owners will encounter a situation where the ET value is not appropriate when exchanging a larger caliper. In brief, the factory in-wheel space is usually too small for a set of high-performance calipers. At that time. a set of wheel spacers are your best choice rather than a set of thousands of dollars new hubs.

Wheel Spacers Enhance Vehicle Performance

   To a reasonable extent, the wider the track of a vehicle is, the more comfortable the ride is. Wider track can provide better stability. After installing wheel spacers, the problems of body floating and serious roll when the car is driving or turning at high speed will be effectively solved.
  What’s more, there are many drift cars that are using wheel spacers. An increased front wheel track will make it easier to oversteer, which could help make more exaggerated drifting movements.
a car installed with wheel spacers
FAQs for Wheel Spacers

Are there any potential security issues?

   In brief, there is no safety problem under proper installation and use of wheel spacers. A high quality wheel spacer consists of bolts and forged aluminum ingots which have been regular tested.They are completely safe for your vehicle.
  The high intensity use of wheel spacer in professional competition is convincing enough to proof the wheel spacer is safe.

How about the Legal regulations about fenders?

  Many states have regulations that the tread of the tire cannot stick out past the edge of the fender. This will determine the maximum thickness of the wheel spacer that you can install. For this situation, you could type in "(your state) statutes" and it will pull up the State's specified statues for the rules of the car, or you could make a call to the relevant local authorities, which is the most effective way.

Why will wheel spacers benefit us?

On bumpy roads, a wider wheel track increases the leverage of the wheel bearings. The wider the wheel track is, the greater the leverage is. So It will reduce the life of the wheel bearings. In this case, if there is already some wear on your vehicle's suspension, a larger wheel track will accelerate the wear. Besides, any bumps in the road will be amplified through the steering wheel.
In conclusion
A vehicle installed with outdoor-oriented wheel spacers not only delivers a dose of powerful stance and performance but also overcomes potential difficulty during your off-road journey. Wheel spacers have gradually become a necessity as the vehicles spring up like mushrooms and growth of people’s desire to off-road journey.


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