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Wheel Spacers

Wheel spacers, to some extent, can expand the wheel's offset and change the bolt pattern on the wheels. When the wheel's offset is raised, more stress is placed on the axle studs, unit bearings (or spindles), and ball joints of the front axle. If you want to find a high-quality spacer with free shipping service, please stop your steps. KSP Performance will provide you a solution.

Are wheels spacers safe?

Wheel spacers that are installed correctly are completely secure. Look at the wheel spacers installation guide. The wheel stud's clamping force holds the wheel to the hub, and they elastically stretch as the lug nuts are tightened, acting as very firm springs. They are completely safe under professional installation.

Is there a downside to wheel spacers?

The fundamental problem with wheel spacers is that they only move the wheel to a wider position, leaving the other suspension arms in their original places. For instance, the kingpin inclination axis stays in the same location. Therefore, installing a spacer causes the wheel to travel outboard and changes the car's scrub radius.

What is a Hubcentric wheel spacer?

Hub-centric wheel spacers, in essence, refer to spacers whose center bores are made to fit exactly both the axle hubs and the wheels. The hub connection can be used to center the wheels, and the lugs can keep the mounting plate flush with the wheel.

Do wheel spacers cause vibration at high speed?

If wheel spacers are not installed correctly or if they are of poor quality, they can cause vibrations at high speed. This is because they can cause the wheels to be off-center or can cause the wheels to wobble. This can result in a vibration that is felt in the steering wheel or in the vehicle itself.

To avoid vibration issues with wheel spacers, it is important to make sure that the spacers are of high quality and are installed correctly. The wheels should also be balanced after the installation of the spacers to ensure that they are properly aligned and to minimize any potential vibration issues.

Do I need alignments after spacers?

Wheel spacers won't impact alignment, but only if your wheels are already straight. We advise an alignment after installation when changing the wheels and tires so that your car will fit a particular wheel size.

How should I find a wheel spacer that fits my vehicle?

At KSP Performance, you can take advantage of the fitment selection system below the navigation bar on the storefront and collection page. Select the right option, such as "Chevy Silverado 1500 2012" and click the "Search" button. The system will manage to find the wheel spacer and other auto parts perfect for your vehicle.