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10pcs 14x1.5 Aftermarket Lug Bolts For Porsche


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45mm SR14 seat aftermarket ET lug bolts for 15mm wheel spacers
14-1.5 thread pitch(set of 10)

Fitment Vehicle

1977-1988 PORSCHE 924
1978-1995 PORSCHE 928
1984-1998 PORSCHE 968
1997-2020 PORSCHE 944 986 996 997
1989-2022 PORSCHE 911 (all trims)
2005-2022 PORSCHE Boxster(718) (all trims)
2005-2022 PORSCHE Cayman (all trims)
2010-2022 PORSCHE Panamera (all trims)
2003-2022 Porsche Cayenne (all trims)

2007-2015 Audi Q7




Please verify you are purchasing the correct lug nuts:
Thread type -M14x1.5 | Seat type -Spherical Seat | Shank Length -45mm

Conical And Mag Seat Lug Hole Not Fit For The Spherical Lug Bolt.
Hand wrench is highly recommended in order not to damage the thread.so when you install our lug bolt,it's the best to use hand wrench.
Check the torque spec for proper installation and if you are not sure, you could wait for the ‘click ' sound which means you reached the desired torque.The torque of the lug bolts we recommend is 85-90ft-lbs.
Extended lug bolts are meant for aftermarket wheels with spacers put on.