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20pcs 27mm Shank M12x1.5 Lug Bolts For Aftermarket and OEM BMW Z3 Z4 Z8 E30


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SKU: KS-B1211

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27mm shank aftermarket ET lug bolts for 15mm wheel spacers
12x1.5 thread pitch(set of 20), 17mm wrench recommended


1991-2013 M3
1998-2010 M5
2005-2010 M6
2009-2015 X1
1996-2003 Z3
2002-2017 Z4 Roadster
2000-2003 Z8
2004-2010 1series
1977-2013 3series
1982-2009 5series
1976-2010 6series
1986-2001 7series
1990-1999 8series


take off one of your bolts and compare the specs
follow your stock torque specs Benefits:
safely mount your rims to avoid a wheel flying off
special anti-rusting multi-layers, not easy rusting even the first black layer striped off!