How to Install Press-On Wheel Spacers

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You have got your brand-new press-on wheel spacers from Driven Products. Your press-on wheel spacers need to function when the balanced out of the wheel is not optimal for your tire and wheel application.

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Before You Begin

Installation by an expert technician is extremely advised. These guidelines will certainly function as a basic guide for press-on wheel spacer setup and are not specific to your automobile. Those with appropriate training and experience should only perform installment of any element or system. Use this installation guide if you mean to adhere to all instructions below.

Press-On Wheel Spacer Fitment Checklist

Before mounting your brand-new spacers, make sure the adhering to three specifications match with your vehicle as well as wheel application. From entrusted to the right: (1) Bolt Pattern, (2) Wheel Spacer Size, as well as (3) Facility Birthed.

Please contact a Driven Products Fitment Specialist to validate fitment before installment.

Get Ready For Wheel Spacer Setup

Since you've confirmed press-on wheel spacer fitment, it's time to prepare your car for installment.

On a tidy and degree surface area, lift and sustain your automobile using the proper devices. Use jack stands, set hand brakes, block wheels, and use appropriate protective tools.

Tidy the surface where People will install the wheel spacer, and also, when suitable to your details automobile application, remove the rotor/drum retainer clips.

Remove all corrosion and deterioration with a cord brush. The surface area needs to be clean, so the wheel spacer rests completely level on the mounting surface area. If the surface area is not clean, wheel vibration will take place.

Installing Your Wheel Spacers

Examine that the wheel spacer sits flush versus the lorry center installing surface.

Location the wheel onto the automobile center after the wheel spacer. Suit the screw circle of the wheel to that of your car and wheel spacer. The wheel needs to make full contact with the breeding surface of the wheel spacer.

Mount your lugs and tighten up with your hand in a star, or crisscross, pattern until you can no longer hand. Describe our wheel torque sequence chart to figure out the correct way and also series for your installment. Do not require your lugs on with a wrench. If they can not be transformed by hand, quit installation and contact a Driven Products Fitment Specialist.

Once all lug nuts have been tightened up to meet minimal string involvement. If your wheel is resting flush against the breeding surface area, lower the lorry to the ground and tighten all lugs to the correct torque specs displayed in your car proprietor's guidebook. We suggest making use of a calibrated torque wrench for this action. Apply torque equally by duplicating the celebrity or crisscross pattern until the preferred torque is reached.

Once your installation is total, drive the automobile for 10 miles and repeat step 3 until the wheel spacer is no longer seeking re-torquing. Do this as often as essential for your wheel spacers to properly seat. Inspect torque again at 100 miles. Failing to follow this action can damage your wheel spacer and studs.

Article Installment Checklist

We advise that adhering to the safety and security list be finished after your wheel spacer installation. Instead, we've included this list to help make certain major safety factors were checked in the past, throughout, and after the installation process.

Press-on wheel spacers have been examined to ensure that they will fit your car and its wheels properly in terms of a bolt pattern, facility bore, and breadth.

The lugs used for installation satisfy minimum string interaction.

All strings, studs, and mounting surface areas are without rust, corrosion, cracks, lubricating substance, etc.

how to install wheel spacers

People did not use air influence wrenches to mount the lugs.

All lugs remain tightened to the correct torque specification with a calibrated torque wrench.

All lugs have been re-torqued after the first 10 miles of driving.

All lugs have been re-torqued after the very first 100 miles of driving.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Are wheel spacers safe to make use of?

Yes, if fitment is correct and also they are mounted appropriately. Installation by a specialist technician is very suggested.

What are the advantages of wheel spacers?

There are lots of advantages to installing wheel spacers. The most popular benefits consist of: (1) enhanced handling, (2) much better stance, (3) a lot more aggressive appearance, (4) boosted wheel and also tire spacing, (5) fixed brake caliper clearance problems, and also (6) taken care of internal fender and suspension clearance problems.



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