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When it comes to lift kits, known as suspension kits, You need to know the purpose. Do you want to level the vehicle, or do you want an overall lift to your vehicle? Are you just using the vehicle lift as a means to install larger tires? Then you need to understand that it is not enough to raise the height. Does the fender need to be cut when replacing a larger tire? Is it necessary to install wheel spacers to avoid rubbing between the inside of the tire and the suspension? These are all things you need to consider. So please clarify your purpose before modifying, which will determine your choice of accessories and your budget.

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Even if you've installed a leveling lift kit and are satisfied with your car's new appearance, it's not over yet. 

We want you to understand the possible changes to the vehicle before you are very happy with the new stance and can't wait to test the vehicle.

Getting familiar with your vehicle again

The vehicle's center of gravity is raised as it is lifted. Such a change is exacerbated as you lift the height of the vehicle. You will feel the change in the vehicle's center of gravity more when you enter a corner at high speed. KSP Quality Leveling Kits and Lift Kits will be a solution. Search and select model right now.

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This means you'll have a harder time fighting the vehicle's roll.

Whether it's a leveling lift or a simple lift, the first thing we recommend you do before going off-road or driving aggressively is to get familiar with your vehicle and take control of it again.

Changes brought about by structure alterations

Yes, this is a very common topic. And it's very informative - any modification doesn't mean just replacing the stock parts with aftermarket ones. Rather, it's a proposition that involves the whole body.

This is especially true for suspension changes. It would help iIf you are familiar with the vehicle, browse car forums regularly, or are surrounded by other car modification enthusiasts, you will surely mention that the vehicle needs to replace the control arms after the lift.f you prepared to adjust to the rest of the suspension to keep it compatible when you lift your vehicle. This will help the vehicle perform better with the new lifted parts installed and protect the life of the vehicle and your driving safety.

Let's go back to the changes and effects that a vehicle lift brings to a vehicle. When a vehicle with front double wishbone suspension is installed with a lifting kit such as a spacer, the tilt angle of the upper control arm on the stock car will change as the shock is extended.

There is a certain connection angle between the ball joints and the OE upper control arm when the vehicle is stationary. The Installation of the lift kits will amplify this angle, resulting in compression of the swing space of the ball joints, such as a jeep suspension kit

Such a change is especially significant for vehicles with 2" and higher lift.

As a result, the upper control arm is more likely to rub against the ball stud during bumps and turns, which can shorten the life of the stock ball joints and threaten driving safety.

The purpose of replacing the stock control arm is to center the ball studs which have reached their ultimate angle and return them to their normal swing range.

Four-wheel Alignment

Modifications are not isolated, they could involve the whole body. So there are subtle angular changes that occur in our vehicles when changes are made to the shock structure.

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This is a problem that is difficult to detect visually. In general, they are manifested by the appearance of a negative Camber or positive camber.

You may get more noticeable feedback while driving. Chronically misaligned and unaligned wheels are prone to eccentric wear, which will cause the vehicle's vibration.

It will also lead to lower MPG

It would be best if you did a four-wheel alignment to solve this problem. This is not an easy job that can be done at home. Professional equipment and operator is required.

So if your vehicle has been lifted at a aftermarket store, the mechanic may recommend you to get a four-wheel alignment for your vehicle.

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We'll give you the same advice. It's also a routine inspection.

A four-wheel alignment is not a mandatory item, but it is important to value any changes to the suspension and always pay attention to the feedback from your vehicle during daily driving.

Dose a 4WD vehicle need to install the lowering kits of differential?

This is an adjustment for the independent suspension (IFS 4×4) model.

The differential is located on the chassis. It needs to overcome the angle to the CV axle in the original state of the vehicle due to the geometry of the chassis.

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When the truck is lifted, the angle of the CV axle will become steeper. And the angle of the drive shaft will be compressed to the breaking point due to the suspension angle, making it more difficult for the axle to rotate the wheels. Once your wheel is hard to rotate, it will put pressure on the CV boots (the rubber portions covering the inner CV joints and outer CV joints), which may eventually cause damage.

The differential lowering kit repositions the differential to a lower position by modifying its mounting points. So some of the negative effects of raising the differential on 4WD models can be offset due to the reduced vertical distance from the differential to the wheel hub. Modifications are not isolated, they would involve the whole body. This sentence is especially for chassis suspension modifications.

In conclusion

Regardless of the lifting method and lifting height, it must be a good habit to consult a professional mechanic and have regular maintenance and inspections before and after you make any changes to such a complex machine.


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