What are the benefits of wheel spacers

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In previous articles, we have explained the role of wheel spacers in detail. If you are still hesitant to buy them, we believe this article will help you.

Value for money

What will a pair of wheel spacers bring to you? Appearance or performance?

The answer to this question depends on your needs. But in any case, the principle of the wheel spacers is to increase the wheel track by changing the ET value of wheel hub.

wheel spacers

We can certainly achieve a reduction in ET value by purchasing new rims, but obviously a set of wheel spacers is more cost-effective.

Avoiding friction

After installing antiskid chain or replacing winter wheels in snowy areas, the tires may collide with the suspension.

This is where the importance of the wheel spacers comes into play. It is wise to choose four wheel spacers to improve the space of wheel bay If it is only a daily need.


Excessive ET values may cause friction between calipers, shocks, and suspension, which will directly affect the space of the wheel bay. Any part that makes contact with a high-speed rotating tire will suffer unavoidable damage. At this point, installing wheel spacers is a good choice to retain your brand new wheels at a lower price.

wheel spacers

You can change the ET value by buying a brand new set of wheels, but the cost is several thousand dollars. In addition, you need to consider where to store the removed tires.

You have to admit that a set of wheel spacers is a more economical choice if you have no other requirements for the appearance of the wheels.

If you want to change the front and rear wheel track freely, you can buy wheel spacers of different thicknesses to cope with different needs.

You can experience the full visual effect of the wide-body style with just one set of wheel spacers.


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