Will Wheel Spacers Kill Me

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In this article, we will start several crucial talking points concerning wheel spacers. Spacers often tend to be an extremely polarizing subject in the automotive community. Either individual will not go near them, or they use them regularly. We discover that most of the failings connected to wheel spacers are triggered more by individual errors or false information than caused by the spacer itself.

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For the team here at KSP Performance we often feel that spacers are perfectly risk-free when installed properly. Let's go over some essential points to ensure that if you obtain spacers, you can be as informed as feasible when getting them.

The Function of Wheel Spacers

Wheel spacers goes in between the wheel and the hub of your automobile, basically pressing the wheel further out, including more backspacing and adverse balanced out. To explain this, look at our other post about backspacing and offset. This is provided for a pair of different factors, often for visual purposes, or other times, to help wheels clear suspension/brake/protruding centers.

There are two major sorts of spacers, slip-on and also screw. Slip-on spacers slide over your wheel studs and are sandwiched by the wheel and your vehicle's wheel hub. As the name suggests, Bolt-on spacers bolt onto your wheel studs and afterward offer their studs to run the wheels.

Essential Concerns with Slip-On Spacers

When given the option, hub-centric spacers need always to be used. They enable the spacers to sit fixated in your center rather than dangle off the studs. Wheel resonances after setting up spacers are practically exclusively caused by not utilizing hub-centric spacers.

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Ensuring enough thread engagement is left for the lug nuts when utilizing slip-on spacers is necessary. Because slip-on spacers press the wheels further out on the same collection of studs the wheels take place, they likewise reduce the number of studs left for the lug nuts. Generally, you want a minimum of the same amount of interaction as the stud is wide. For example, an M12x1.5 stud would need at least 12mm of thread involvement to be safe. A 1.5 mm string pitch corresponds to eight full turns of the lug nut. If you can not achieve this, you will certainly require to change to extensive studs to be secure.

Essential Interest In Screw-on Spacers

Similar to the slip-on spacers, always acquire the hub-centric variation. This will ensure well-balanced wheel turning, which is especially essential due to bolt-on spacers' larger and thicker nature.

Furthermore, since screw-on spacers double the number of studs and nuts per wheel, you need to be extra vigilant in inspecting that all lug nuts are torqued down properly. Once the wheel is mounted, we fail to remember there are an additional set of 5 or 6 lug nuts that can potentially obtain loosened apart from the ones holding the wheel onto the spacer.


Spacers have been around for numerous years, and as long as they are mounted properly, there is little opportunity for failure. Points tend to be sensationalized online, particularly because no one intends to confess they failed to remember to tighten up lug nuts or bought auto-zone slip-on spacers.

Spacers have been used thoroughly, even within the highest level of KSP Performance. Right here, we see virtually 4 inches (greater than you would ever typically see or utilize) on a 1200 HP competitors drift car, for an entire period, without any failings. Follow our guide, comply with great maintenance lists, and you must be good to go! Many thanks for visiting, and check back for even more technological write-ups!



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