Why You Need Leveling Kits

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Leveling kits play a vital role because off-road vehicles and trucks have load capacity and trafficability better than ordinary cars. This means they have more usage scenarios and greater potential for modification. Among them, the change of suspension height is the item that everyone is obsessed with. A leveling kit provides a maximum lift for your car and saves fuel economy.

Nowadays, the emission targets and environmental policies are becoming more and more strict. And the ordinary family cars are becoming docile and electrified, too. But that doesn't affect our pursuit of vehicle poise and wildness. It must be great for every modification enthusiast to pour your heart and soul into modifying your vehicle to your desired appearance.

truck leveling kits

The difference between a leveling lift kit and a suspension lift kit

Better stance

Higher height

Better adaptation to the work environment

Larger wheels & tires can be installed

Elevation of the chassis height

Highly improve the trafficability and fading ability.

The snowplow and front leveling kits

Safety of leveling lift kit

The category of a leveling kit

According to the different use and demand, the lifting kits in the market are divided into two types: leveling kit and suspension lift kits. In a word, the suspension lift kit is the one that makes extensive changes to the chassis of the vehicle, while the leveling lift kit is the one that only makes simple lifts to the car.

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Introduction of lifts

This kind of modification does not change the chassis construction of the vehicle much. It is more about optimizing the vehicle stance by raising it, allowing the car to adapt to specific jobs like tow rigs or use as a utility vehicle. We will explain them in the below article.

leveling kits

Leveling kits are easily installed and less expensive. What's more, it can be removed as you wish.

They usually achieve the effect of lifting the vehicle by replacing the stock parts with different sizes or by adding spacers to the stock suspension. It is possible to lift the front, the rear, or the full leg separately according to your preference. So they are also called leveling kits. Accordingly, they come in many categories with different lifting and installation locations.

Sometimes, the height of the front 2" may be provided by a spacer which is only 1". There exists suspension geometry due to the design of the vehicle's suspension structure, so the thickness is not equal to the lift height.

Likewise, even for the same model, the vehicle's chassis may undergo significant changes in addition to the appearance changes when the generation is changed.

So the type of a leveling kit and the way they are lifted will appear in different styles depending on the model or year.

leveling kits

But if you're looking for 3 inches or more of lift, you'll need to use suspension lift kits. Depending on the model and ride height, they may include suspension components such as higher shock absorbers, coil springs, and even stronger control arms. These modifications will change the suspension structure of the vehicle and involve the replacement of more components. This will completely change your driving experience.

However, such modifications are usually not cheap. But for those monster trucks and enthusiastic off-roaders passionate about mires and puddles, this is a modification project they can't avoid.

The function of a leveling kit

Better stance

You can pay attention to the pickup trucks in the car dealership and compare the ground clearance of the front and rear. It is not difficult to find that these vehicles generally present a forward-leaning stance.

The reason for this design is that if the rear suspension is designed to be relatively balanced when it's unloaded, then the trail of the car will collapse when the vehicle is fully loaded. This will affect the body posture and adhesive force of the front wheels.

In this situation, you could choose to install the front leveling kit. These high-strength accessories will support the front overhang of your vehicle, allowing the truck to have a very coordinated stance when it is unloaded. That would be the easiest way to level your truck.

On our website, you might find the confusing combination of "3inch front and 2inch rear". Their purpose is to improve the overall vehicle while giving it a balanced stance. Yes, it can be called leveling lift kit because it also has the lifting effect while balancing your car.

leveling kit

Higher Height

Lifting the car will make a truck look cooler, which is the purpose of most players who lift their trucks.

Taller people are always more likely to be seen. The same goes for the car. The height will make your vehicle stand out at the party!

The higher ground clearance will give the vehicle a more aggressive look and stance, so we could get a better feeling visually. At the same time, larger size wheels and tires are allowed to be installed on the lifted vehicle. They will contribute to the body height again.

leveling kit - KSP Performance

Better adaption to the work environment

Have you ever seen a muddy, unmaintained country road? Due to the long experience of wheel crushing and rain at both ends, they can jam those vehicles with lower chassis.

One of our top tips is not to trust the navigation too much and try to avoid trails you are not familiar with.

After all, vehicles with higher chassis have better trafficability. Of course, this is not absolutely, as the track and vehicle height are also factors.

However, a high chassis must have better flexibility and fading ability, allowing the vehicle to confront rugged mountain roads easily.

And the most effective way to change the chassis height of your vehicle is to replace the larger tires.

Bigger off-road tires have a larger radius, which means they could increase the ground clearance at the lowest point of the chassis. This is the most comprehensive way to lift, and there is no substitute for any lift kits.

However, the larger tires bring you more benefits than increasing chassis height. We have explained that in the article on wheel spacers. It will rub the Wheel arches and fenders.

But the car's inventor designed the wheel arches and the fenders to prevent you from doing so. A too-wide tire may rub the suspension and fender. Also, the wheel arch may be jacked by it when going over obstacles. Your vehicle may be severely damaged by such an impact in a high-speed driving condition.

It's hard to fit a larger wheel inside a fixed-size wheelhouse, just like you can no longer work in your crib. The original space for movement will become constricted because a larger object occupies it.

Some owners choose to cut or extend the fender to accommodate large tires. This is certainly one way to go if it is acceptable. But that's a limited modification.

We recommend you install the leveling kits to increase the vehicle's height so that a larger wheel can be mounted. And that's exactly the main purpose of leveling kits.

Large snow plow trucks are a common sight in northern cities. In addition to installing a pair of snow tires, some owners often put a snowplow on their vehicles during the winter months.

Some snowplows are so heavy that they give your vehicle an abnormal forward lean. We all know that the truck has a certain bold leaning stance itself.

And the front overhang of the vehicle would sink due to such a big guy added on the front bumper, which will cause a reduction of the angle between snow and plow. Then the advance of the truck will become more strenuous.

But you can raise the snowplow to a certain height by installing the front leveling kits. In this way, the abnormal tilt can be counteracted, which allows the truck to advance smoothly at a good angle.

Trust us. Your snowplow will love them!

Safety is always the priority.

But there is no need for you to worry about these issues.

We pay strict attention to safety during our products' design, production, and inspection. Take bolts as an example, there are more than ten strength grades of bolts from 3.6 to 12.9, and our products have strength grades as much as 10.9; it's much better than the stock bolts, which is 8.8. We are even more concerned about safety on the road than you are in some ways. For this question, we also constantly emphasize the importance of re-checking and fastening the appropriate fasteners after installation and driving for some time to ensure driving safety.

Therefore, you need to pay attention to some geometric changes that occur in the vehicle's chassis after the lift. Such changes may be too small to notice. Generally speaking, 2 inches and less charge will not cause problems.

The control arm will work at a narrow-angle once the front lift height reaches more than 2". The immediate problem caused by this angle change is the wear of the ball joints. It will seriously affect the life of the ball joints. No one wants to have abnormal wear or ball joints coming off due to a control arm problem.

leveling kit - KSP Performance

The picture above explains the problem, so we recommend installing the right control arm after the vehicle is lifted.

In conclusion

No matter which lifting method you take and how much lifting height you have. We recommend that you take the advice of a mechanic. A complex machine like a car must be a good habit to have regular maintenance and inspections after making any modifications.



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